Welcome to Glasgow -
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Now I'll make no bones about it. When it comes to size, Scotland's largest City is no NYC or Tokyo or Paris. But I'll tell you - I've been to NYC and Paris (and hopefully Tokyo soon) and what it lacks in size, this astounding place definitely makes up in stature.

Welcome to Glasgow!

Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow
Carling Academy
Snowman on a bench in Glasgow
The Caprese Family Restaurant

Top Attractions



Dining Out

My name is Scott Docherty and I LOVE Glasgow! There now, I admitted it. That much will likely become apparent though when you look around this site (which you're more than welcome to do). I live and breathe the place 24/7, and with my Top Ten Glasgow Guide I hope to make sure that if you're coming to visit, you'll be able to make the best use of your time.

(You've no idea how many times I've visited famous and wonderful cities just to miss their best attractions because my nose spends half its time in some map!)

Glasgow Talking Head

A City Reborn

Wanna learn how the place gets its spark, the pounding Scottish heart you feel when you walk its streets?

I don't work for the tourist industry, but I live here and truly believe that if you really want to experience the place, you shouldn't just get on that tour bus and sit back for hours on end.

I'd recommend that once you get here, you should get those sleeves rolled up and muck right in, because that way you'll experience a whole lot more of this historically industrial City who's gloriously revamped herself in recent years! 

In my site I'll be taking you through my Top Ten Tips for...

Not just visiting?

So I hope you enjoy my little site. It's not just for those of you just popping in for a visit though.

If you're coming to study at Glasgow University for example, or are looking even for estate agents with a view to settling down here for a while, my hope is that this site will give you a good insight not only about where you'll be living, but also on how to pick the best spot for you to settle down here.

And in time, you'll even be able to look around here for the top ten places to rent & buy in the City at any given time.

Well, enough of all this intro - let's get started...

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